It used to be widely known that electrical devices and water are not a good mix. That was until waterproof smartphone came into the picture.

But given that such a phone is not accessible to everyone, normal smartphones are still the way to go, representing more than 90% of phones in the world. But this means that you have to be careful when handling it, because if you drop it in the toilet, or you have it in your pocket and a friend pushes you into the pool, or even if your kid feels like experimenting, chances are it might get damaged.

Luckily, our professional repairing team is specifically trained for situations like these. The first thing they advise you to do is verify if the phone is still working, and if it is, it is a really good sign. You mustn’t get tricked, because beneath the plastic cover there are many circuits, and if water is trapped in the case then it can take longer for the water to reach these circuits, but when it does, there will be serious damage.

If the phone does not work anymore, then we offer the last solution that you can have, which is recovering all the data from your phone onto your new device, an action that takes skill and know-how only specialists like the ones in our team have. Don’t trust in internet solutions like putting it in rice and praying for a miracle, just get an appointment with our team and rest assured we will make all the possible efforts to recover your damaged device.