Although Mac and PCs are quite different in their builds, their nature does not differ very much, and problems arise for both of them no matter how powerful they might seem, or how well you maintain them. That is why repairing either one of them should be done by specialists who have a trained eye for noticing even the smallest of issues and the know-how to fix those problems.

That is why we at Computer Sonics understand that it is vital for you that your computer run well, and we offer you a free diagnostic on your device, and the fastest turnaround times on the market. We do not only take care of your computers, we take care of you, and that is why we offer a full set of computer maintenance services, so you can get it back as good as new.

If you notice any of the following issues, you might have to consider an appointment with our engineers:

  • Your computer or Mac is not starting up or is taking very long to do it
  • You constantly have problems installing and uninstalling software on either of the devices
  • Your computer fan is really loud
  • Your device is heating up even when performing simple tasks, like browsing the internet
  • You smell burnt plastic coming from your central unit
  • You receive blue screens unexpectedly or you cannot recover data from your hard drive

If any of these problems arise for your computer (Mac or PC), or any other small issues that you just cannot seem to get around to, make an appointment today, and by the time you receive back your computer, you will see impressive improvement on all it specifications, as well as maintenance advice for the future.