Regardless the side you take on the console war, be it you are a Xbox fan, PlayStation fan, or a casual Wii user, you know that consoles have become the go-to recreational time spending device. They have become so popular because of their ease of access, allowing you to get right back to your last save point in a matter of seconds, and giving you the relaxation you need after a long day of work. It has also been proved that it is a good bonding tool between kids and their parents. The fact that you show interest in your children’s interests can create a special link between the two, and he/she will trust you more.

It is not uncommon that a gaming console stops working without any reason (or so it may appear), and it is also not uncommon that your regular repair service advises you to buy a new one, because it is “not worth the effort”. But our specialists are not only trained to deal with any type of console problem, but also like a challenge, each case being treated independently.

No matter if it’s a cable that’s gone loose, a fan that is either too dusty or just stopped working, or maybe a processor that heats up because there is no more cooling paste on it, our team has the solution, and you will be killing monsters or driving your dream car again in no time.