Mobile phones are not what they used to be anymore. Starting from phones as big as a brick and just as heavy, on which you could only make phone calls, we’ve reached an era where our phones are like a body member. Be it you just check your emails until you get to work, or you listen to your favorite tunes, or even read or play with various apps, today’s phones are capable of keeping us busy for days, provided you have a good battery. Because they have become so important, seeing your phone hit a hard surface is quite painful, and repairing a broken screen can be a great hassle.

It is widely recommended that your repairing engineer know what to do and how to do it. This is why our engineers and technical team are the best at what they do, and provide the best specialized repairing services in the country.

They recommend that you use a flat head screwdriver for the old screen and that you do your best to avoid touching any wires on the system, thus avoiding any collateral damage. With a soldering iron and the above mentioned screwdriver you should remove the glued wires, making sure that when you replace the screen, you do it in the exact manner you removed it. If you do opt for a new screen, which is a much cheaper way to go than buying a new device, you should follow Apple’s advice and get an OEM LCD screen.