Desktops are still the best way to go when you want a powerful computer that doesn’t heat up. Yes, although in today’s time laptops, notebooks, and tablets have the highest demand, desktops computers are still a good way to go, as they are faster and more reliable than any handheld device.

The problem is, a desktop can have many issues that depend on a wide variety of factors, like maintenance, the place you keep your Central Unit, the activities you use it for. And the most common of all issues is that it starts running slower, and just seems as if the life has gone out of it. Furthermore, a desktop is a lot easier to break, because you can easily access all its hardware and change them however you like.

Computer Sonics recommends that you do not take any action of your own before consulting with a team of specialist such as ours, because you can actually cause more damage than improvement. This is why we offer our clients a complete repairing package, varying from software solutions to hardware solutions, handled by a team of top-notch engineers that will solve any problem.

This way all you have to do is bring in your desktop at our store in Seattle or Burien, relax, and let our team do exactly what is best for your desktop to run smoothly. If you feel like you are however capable of understanding what is wrong, we also offer a Remote Support service, so that you do not have to go through the hassle of brining in your desktop. All you need is an internet connection, and from there on we will take care of all your problems.

Computer Sonics is always up to the challenge, no matter the severity of the problem.

Computer Repair Seattle