Business IT Support

Computer Sonics, apart from providing help with its comprehensive HelpDesk, also offers solutions for businesses. In a time where the IT industry is constantly revolutionizing itself, and when new technologies appear almost every day, it is hard to keep up to date with everything that could be helpful for your business. But fortunately, Computer Sonics has the easiest to understand approach for when it comes to IT support for businesses. From fixing your easiest IT issues, to installing your IT network on site, and even to finding the solution to the hardest issues, we have the expertise to deal with it.

We understand better than anyone the need for a business to keep its information secure, and to keep the business flowing as normal as possible and even more, as an IT support business of ourselves. Moreover, we give tailored advice and support, so that our solutions will fit your business and your business only.

The list of services we offer our clients is:

  • Value-Add Service – Delivering solutions that meet your everyday needs
  • Service Programs
  • E-Mail Spam and Virus Filtering – In-Desktop/Portable System Installation
  • Add-on/Upgrade Installation
  • Network Solutions
  • Server Install
  • Router Install
  • Maintenance Services
  • Next Business Day Response Services
  • Service Programs

But we do not stop there. Our team is devoted to you, and prepared to answer all your requests, no matter how challenging they might be. Let us give you the IT solutions you need, while you focus your mind and efforts on growing your company.

Business IT Support