Contributing "Since 1996"

Our journey starts from humble beginnings of a hardware and systems component supplier, a tradition we proudly carry to date. Like said, change is the only constant, we also experienced evolution around tremendous advancements in handhelds, computers, electronics and gadgetry.

We love technology

Tech is nothing less than first love.

Can't say why this crush exists, but virtually all electronics are our passion. We crave to handle them, may it be mobile phones, computers, servers, gaming consoles or even the old school electronic typewriter - everything attracts us. Second love is our beautiful Seattle, WA in which we are contributing in our own little way.

Passion drives our Team

Experienced in mending the digital world from micro to mega level.

Broken anything ? Need Repair? Worry not!! 

It’ll be back in your hands before you start missing it. Just reach us by website contact form, facebook, g+ or call.

Fast. Efficient. Cost Effective

Since 1996. 

We love technology.

We love Seattle, WA

We have a passionate team.

All to bring our customers Fast, Efficient and Cost effective support services ranging from mobile repairs, laptop repairs, IT support services and even pick and drop so that they don't have to bother about the stuff, that you should not be bothered about.

Our Mission - End to End Comfort for our Clients

Making it Possible!

Share your advice and opinion with us to help us improve and enhance ourselves. Looking forward for you.

Seattle Lover!
Dreaming. Thinking. Making it Possible!

Hamid or Frank
T: 206.420.7315

Easy way to get your equipment repiared

Our Working Process In 3 Steps

Our working process allows for a quick solution to all your computing needs.

Call Us

Simply dial 206-420-7315 and give us a call, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Drop The Item At Our Store

Easily drop your equipment at one of our premises, and we'll take care of the rest

Everything Fixed And Ready For Pickup

We fix everything, call you for a pickup, and you can start enjoying using it.